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The Sweeney DVD Series


The Sweeney

A classic action-packed drama series about the activities of the Flying squad, an elite crime investigation unit of London’s Police Force. Jack Regan (John Thaw), a tough, resourceful, unorthodox detective, and his partner George Carter (Dennis Waterman), head a group of detectives who infiltrate the underworld in the fight against organised crime. Each series 4 DVDs, 650 mins.
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TOTAL RUNNING TIME:  2524 mins (42 hrs and 4 mins)
GENRE:  TV Series / Crime
LANGUAGES:   English
ACTORS:  John Thaw, Dennis Waterman, Tony Allen, Garfield Morgan
DIRECTOR:  Tom Clegg, Douglas Carnfield, David Wickes and more
RATING:  M – Violence, mature themes, sexual references, nudity and drug use
FORMAT:  Colour, PAL
ASPECT RATIO:  4:3 Standard
AUDIO:   Stereo
REGIONS:  4 (Mexico, Central and South America, Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania)
YEAR:  1975-1978
Disc 1 - Series 1 (655 mins)
1. Ringer
2. Jackpot
3. Thin Ice
4. Queen's Pawn
Disc 2
5. Jigsaw
6. Night Out
7. The Placer
Disc 3
8. Cover Story
9. Golden Boy
10. Stoppo Driver
Disc 4
11. Big Spender
12. Contact Breaker
13. Abduction
Disc 1 - Series 2 (649 mins)
1. Chalk and Cheese
2. Faces
3. Supersnout
4. Big Brother
Disc 2
5. Hit and Run
6. Trap
7. Golden Fleece
Disc 3
8. Poppy
9. Stay Luck Eh?
10. Trojan Bus
Disc 4
11. I Want the Man
12. Country Boy 
13. Thou Shalt Not Kill!
Disc 1 - Series 3 (610 mins)
1. Selected Target
2. In from the Cold
3. Visiting Fireman
4. Tomorrow Man
Disc 2
5. Taste of Fear
6. Bad Apple
7. May
Disc 3
8. Sweet Smell of Succession
9. Down to You, Brother
10. Pay Off
Disc 4
11. Loving Arms
12. Lady Luck
13. On the Run
Disc 1 - Series 4 (711 mins)
1. Messenger of the Gods
2. Hard Men
3. Drag Act
4. Trust Red
Disc 2
5. Nightmare
6. Money, Money, Money
7. Bait
Disc 3
8. The Bigger They Are
9. Feet of Clay
10. One of Your Own
Disc 4
11. Hearts and Minds
12. Latin Lady
13. Victims
14. Jack or Knave