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To The Manor Born Complete Collection


To The Manor Born DVDs – Complete Collection

Penelope Keith stars as Audrey fforbes-Hamilton in this classic tale of riches to rags. After her husband’s death, Audrey is forced to auction her home to Richard DeVere (Peter Bowles) whom she regards as bad taste. The devious and urbane Richard is an equal match for Audrey, and their complicated relationship leads to some uproarious escapades... Features Series 1-3 and the 25th Wedding Anniversary Special. 7 DVDs, over 12 hrs.
To The Manor Born Complete CollectionSKU: MANOR
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TOTAL RUNNING TIME:  739 mins (over 12 hrs)

GENRE:  TV Series / Comedy

SUBTITLES:  No (Only subtitles on Wedding Special Disc 7)

ACTORS:  Penelope Keith, Peter Bowls, Angela Thorne  

RATING:  G - General

FORMAT:  Colour, PAL

ASPECT RATIO: 16:9 Widescreen and 4:3 Standard

AUDIO:  Dolby Digital

REGIONS: 4 (Mexico; Central and South America; Caribbean; Australia; New Zealand; Oceania)

YEAR:  1979-1981, 2007


DISC 1: Series 1 Episodes 1-4

DISC 2: Series 1 Episodes 5-7

DISC 3: The 1979 Christmas Special ('The First Noel'), Series 2 Episodes 1-3

DISC 4: Series 2 Episodes 4-6

DISC 5: Series 3 Episodes 1-4

DISC 6: Series 3 Episodes 5-7

DISC 7: The 2007 25th Wedding Anniversary Special and 'Making Of' Featurette


- (Disc 2) Interview with writer Peter Spence, Cast Filmographies, Production Notes

- (Disc 4) Interview with writer Peter Spence, Cast Filmographies, Production Notes

- (Disc 6) Interview with writer Peter Spence, Cast Filmographies, Production Notes

- (Disc 7) 25th Wedding Anniversary Special 'Making Of' featurette, The Making of


- Collection includes all 20 original episodes from the program's 3 series run plus the 1979

 Christmas Special, The First Noel and the 2007 25th Wedding Anniversary Special.

- SERIES ONE: Newly Widowed Audrey fforbes-Hamilton is forced to auction Grantleigh

 Manor when she finds out that her husband was bankrupt. Moving into the nearby Old

 Lodge, she and friend Marjory Frobisher are mortified when the dashing Richard DeVere,

 who has purchased the Manor, turns out to be nothing by a Czech grocer!

- SERIES TWO: Hilarity abounds in the second series as Richard imposes new efficiency

 standars upon farm management and stirs protest in the community with his modernising

 methods, much to Audrey's chargrin.

- 1979 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL:THE FIRST NOEL: Audrey and Richard compete to supply the

 traditional Christmas crèche to the village church, and the question soon becomes which

 offer is more ridiculous - her homemade monstrosity or his crassly commercial model.

- SERIES THREE: In this final series, the flirtatiousrivalry between our revered aristocrats

 escalates furiously! But will fate take an unexpected twist and find this most mismatched of

 couples putting an end to their rivalry at last?

- 25th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: Twenty-five years after their hugely popular

 love-hate relationship was resolved, Audrey and Richard prepare to celebrate their silver

 wedding anniversary. The scene is set for a grand party, until an extraordinary confession

 gets in the way. With Marjory's help, the fearless Audrey goes into battle to defend her

 community, safeguard 400 years of history and save her marriage.