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The Good Life - Complete Collection


The Good Life – Complete DVD Collection

When Tom Good, a 40-year-old draughtsman, and his wife Barbara, drop out of the rat race and become self-sufficient they change their lives forever. To the horror of their neighbours, the Goods turn their lovely suburban home into a farm with vegetable patches, a goat, pigs and hens. Includes Series 1–4 and 1977 Christmas Special. 6 DVDs, 937 mins. SUBTITLES
The Good Life - Complete CollectionSKU: MGOODL
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TOTAL RUNNING TIME:  937 mins (15 hrs and 37 mins)

GENRE:  TV Series / Comedy

SUBTITLES: No - Only 1977 Christmas Special features subtitles (English)

ACTORS:  Richard Briars, Felicity Kendall, Penelope Keith, Paul Eddington

DIRECTORS:  John Howard Davies



ASPECT RATIO:  4:3 Standard

AUDIO:  Dolby Digital

REGIONS: 4 (Mexico; Central and South America; Caribbean; Australia; New Zealand; Oceania)

YEAR:  1975 - 1978


Disc 1 - Series 1

1. Plough Your Own Furrow

2. Say Little Hen…

3. The Weaker Sex?

4. Pig's Lib

5. The Thing in the Cellar

6. The Pagan Rite

7. Backs to the Wall

Disc 2 - Series 2

1. Just My Bill

2. The Guru of Surbiton

3. Mr Fix-It

4. The Day Peace Broke Out

5. Mutiny

6. Home Sweet Home

7. Going to Pot?

Disc 3 - Series 3

1. The Early Birds

2. The Happy Event

3. A Tug of the Forelock

4. I Talk to the Trees

5. The Wind-break War

6. Whose Fleas are These?

7. The Last Posh Frock

Disc 4 - Series 4

1. Away from It All

2. The Green Door

3. Our Speaker Today

4. The Weaver's Tale

5. Suit Yourself

6. Sweet and Sour Charity

7. The Anniversary

Disc 5 - Special Features

1. "When I'm 65" - The Royal Command Performance

2. Interview with Richard Briers

3. Cast Biographies

Disc 6

1. 1977 Christmas Special (Silly, but it's Fun…)

2. Special Feature - "Britain's Best Sitcom: The Good Life" - Interviews


- Interview with Richard Briers

- Cast Biographies

- "When I'm 65" - The Royal Command Performance

- "Life Beyond the Box Margo" - A fictional, funny recap of what became of Margaret

  Leadbetter after the Good Life

- "Britain's Best Sitcom: The Good Life" - Interviews