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Triple Packs: Drama, Crime, Action


Triple Packs: Drama, Crime, Action


State of Play (2009): When a D.C Reporter investigates a murder, he uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to bring down the nation’s power structures. Stars Helen Mirren.

The American (2010): When a job ends badly, master assassin Jack (George Clooney) retreats to the Italian countryside. Pursuing a relationship with a beautiful local, will his secretive past catch up with him?

Being Flynn (2012): Working in a Boston homeless shelter, Nick re-encounters his father, a con man. Sensing trouble in his own life, Nick wrestles with the notion of reaching out to his dad.

3 DVDs, 319 mins. SUBTITLES



Enough (2002): Working-class waitress Slim (Jennifer Lopez), has a picture perfect life until she discovers her husband’s hidden possessive dark side.

Vantage Point (2010): During a counter-terrorism summit, the President of the United States is struck down by an assassin’s bullet. Eight strangers have a perfect view, but what did they really see? Stars Dennis Quaid.

Felon (2008): When a family man is convicted of killing a burglar who broke into his home, he must fight for his life inside maximum security.

3 DVDs, 296 mins. SUBTITLES



Stealth (2002): A state-of-the-art, fully automated, pilotless, super stealth warplane takes to the skies, wreaking destruction in seconds across the globe. Can it be stopped?

Takers (2010): After pulling off a series of brilliantly planned bank robberies, a notorious team of criminals attempt one last heist. But will a cop solve the case and bring them down?

16 Blocks (2008): Jack Mosley (Bruce Willis), a New York cop whose ordinary assignment – escorting a petty criminal 16 blocks from the precinct to a courthouse hearing - is about to become the toughest of his career!

3 DVDs, 325 mins. SUBTITLES

Triple Packs: Drama, Crime, ActionSKU: MTRIPL
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